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What is the best way to learn about New Thought? How can I learn about New Thought history and New Thought Today? There are different ways to explore the New Thought Library. "What's the best way to explore the New Thought Archives?" Learn New Thought and about the history of New Thought at your own pace on any device. One way to explore New Thought is choose a particular New Thought path, then read the books pertaining to that New Thought approach. Drawn to Abrahamic New Thought? Read the books belonging to that New Thought genre. Agnostics and atheists focus upon the Mental Science New Thought path. Attracted to Science of Mind? Read the books of John Bascom, Ernest & Fenwicke Holmes, Jane Yarnall, Thomson Hudson & Thomas Troward.

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While New Thought espouses Universal Spiritual principles, there is a spectrum of approaches to learning New Thought. Thus while all New Thought adherents acknowledge these principles and draw from a wide selection of the world's Ancient Wisdom texts, different groups have different primary texts. Schools of New Thought include: Abrahamic New Thought, Buddhist New Thought, Vedic New Thought, Taoist New Thought, Science of Mind, Mental Science and Religious Science which is the Holmes brothers deriviation of Science of Mind.

A great resource to learn about, then compare and contrast different forms of New Thought, is the www.NewThought.info website.

Today there are different "Schools of New Thought" which are best defined as paths within the New Thought "movement". Each path is distinguished by its primary texts and the teachers which support this path. It is important to remember that although a particular path will emphasize certain primary texts such as the Complete Gospels, or the Mahabarrata, teachers will always draw on other religious texts from a variety of spirtual traditions. This is because New Thought is an inclusive path predicated upon Universal Spiritual Principles.

It should also be noted that New Thought is by definition always evolving and no individual path within the movement can be considered the "right" or "best" path because the only right or best path is the one which is right and best for you. In fact, Abel Allen, Elizabeth Towne and most of the luminaries of early New Thought will repeatedly remind us to "call no one master" because each person must ultimately forge his or her own path.

We explore various paths within New Thought below. Some of these paths contain old New Thought paradigms which are those ideas that have since been transformed through scientific breakthroughs. In contrast to the folklore which is often promoted as history, actual New Thought history reveals that New Thought institutions usually grow to the extent of their paradigms, then shrink when certain paradigms are transcended by novel insights, scientific breathroughs or in some cases events. A good example of this principle is found in the story of the Home of Truth which was once the largest New Thought organization in the world. Home of Truth survives today in its Oakland location on Alameda Island. It shrank dramatically because its primary founder (Annie Rix Militz) taught spiritual practices which were meant to confer physical immortality upon its pracitioners, then Annie died of old age.

Thus far there has not been a New Thought "trandenomination" which is nimble enough to be capable of absorbing such changes while maintaining coherence within their teachings. This is mostly due to the dependence of these institutions upon particular personalities which often results in what might be termed cults of personality because of the tendency of those with less creative minds to memorize the works of their beloved writers and then parrot the teachings of those writers. This phenomena is largely supported by the "transdenominations" founded by those authors because those institutions follow normal patterns.

We present this information to support your research reminding readers that the greatness of New Thought is found within its evolution, not within any particular school of thought. We encourage readers to attend local New Thought Centers and if they find a center whose leadership appeals to them to join that community and have fun. Unlike the lost souls clinging to faith based systems of thought ensconced within ancient religions, readers will find themselves these teachings. One of the great New Thought leaders today teaches that "New Thought can be called Progressive Thought because by building a spiritual practice and 'practicing it', we begin to unveil the truth of ourselves."

New Thought Categories:

Abrahamic New Thought

has subcategories including: Christian New Thought and Jewish Science.

Abrahamic New Thought is strongly represented within the New Thought Movement & New Thought Library. Adherents of Abrahamic New Thought emphasize Abrahmic texts such as the Gospels, the Tanakh, etc...

Perhaps the best "transdenomination" supporting this approach is UFBL (Universal Foundation for Better Living).

Other denominations within this category are: Unity etc ...

Buddhist New Thought

takes a non-theistic approach to New Thought with a strong emphasis on the Lotus Sutra.

In the early 21st Century this included largest New Thought organization in the world: Seicho No Ie.

Tien of Siam is a notable teacher within this category of New Thought. This extraordinarily beautiful soul demonstrates the principle that physical when physical beauty is accompanied by rigorous mind training, the highest demonstrations of spiritual principle are the result.

Vedic New Thought

A powerful path within the New Thought movement since the phase "New Thought" was coined, emphasises the Vedas and Yogas. Primary texts include the Mahabharata, which includes the Bhagavad Gita.

New Thought writers within this path include: and the works of Vivikenanda, Abhedanada, Yogananda.

Roy Eugene Davis stand out as the most eloquent exponent of this New Thought path In the early 21st Century.

Mental Science

is the preferred vehicle for agnostics and atheists, emphasizes the application of science and technology in finding solutions. Benjamin Franklin was one of these people. His invention of the lighting rod brought a sensible solution to the challenge of electricity in the atmosphere. Prior to Franklin's insights into this phenomena, Abrahamic adherents in both the 2nd quadrant (Christianity) and the 3rd quadrant (Mohammedanism) were apt to believe that lightning was the God's demonstration of anger.

Divine Science

is similar to Science of Mind but with an extremely small following that relies upon the texts of Nona Brooks, Malinda Cramer and of course A. B. Fay's Divine Science Textbook.

Science of Mind

is a form of New Thought that began with John Bascom. Science of Mind combines the latest scientific breakthroughs with the finest in Ancient Wisdom traditions, propounds the belief in a responsive Universal Energy. Primary texts include texts from John Bascom, and the Religious Science texts of Fenwicke Holmes' and Ernest Holmes. (Religious Science is a derivative of Science of Mind).

Religious Science

is an offshoot of Science of Mind. Religious Science emphasizes the teachings of the Holmes brothers, in particular Ernest Holmes. Ernest's brother Fenwicke is generally ignored by Religious Science institutions, but so are the the teachings of John Bascom (author of the first Science of Mind text in 1881). When early New Thought authors refer to "Science of Mind", they are generally referring to Bascom's work which was part of the culture of their time. The writings of Ernest Holmes were not published until at least 1906. But because Ernest Holmes gave a false middle name: "Raymond", some dispute whether this book is his first. If "Raymond" is a different person, then Ernest Shurtleff Holmes did not publish his first work until 1917. Either way, Ernest Holmes did not publish his version of Science of Mind until 1927, which was almost 50 years after Basom first published the Science of Mind.

It should be noted that there is a tendency for Religious Scientists to fixate on Ernest Holmes as the sole arbiter of their spiritual beliefs. This is mirrored by the Scientologists who tend to deify Elron Hubbard in a similar manner. There is no doubt that Ernest Holmes wrote some brilliant metaphysical works and he had some wonderful insights. Readers should beware of those who are trapped within a "mono-mind" placing Ernest Holmes in the center of their consciousness to the exclusion of growth.

New Thought Ancient Wisdom Head - Psychiana

It is also important to understand that adherents of a particular school of New Thought normally do not have much experience with or knowledge of other New Thought schools. In the early part of the New Millennium it was discovered that 7 out of 10 Religious Scientists and almost 95% of Unity members responding to polls via the www.FindACenter.com New Thought Directory system did not know anything about Seicho No Ie, with at least two Religious Scientists questioning why Seicho No Ie is included within the list of New Thought denominations. One might think this strange considering that Seicho No Ie is the largest New Thought "transdenomination" in the world, but the existence of other New Thought denominations is rarely addressed during Celebration Services or in classes at individual New Thought Communities.

Until a small group of highly motivated individuals within Religious Science began pushing to amalgamate United Church of Religious Science with Religious Science International, it was not uncommon for members in either group to be totally unaware of the existence of the other.

You can learn more about New Thought groups at www.NewThought.INFO

Another approach to learning New Thought is the historical approach. Differences of opinion with regard to the origination of New Thought mean one has latitude within this approach. One can take the view that the beginning of the New Thought movement starts with the first mention of "new thought" or the first time that these words are capitalized. Common folklore promotes the view that New Thought history begins with Phineas Quimby, yet some people claim New Thought begins with Transcendantalists Emerson and Thoreau. Using the memetic approach championed in the book Spiral Dynamics, one must begin New Thought history with Anne Hutchinson whose teaching can be summed up with four principles mirrored by today's Christian New Thought teachings.

Regardless of where one decides to begin New Thought history, this approach can lead to wonderful and positive insights.

New Thought Library suggests you begin your journey into the literature of New Thought with Abel Allen's work: The Message of New Thought

Our Master Librarian is developing reading lists to support different approaches to exploring New Thought via these New Thought Archives..

We strongly urge you to visit New Thought Centers to discover more about New Thought and the different "transdenominations." In most large cities within the free world one can find several different New Thought Communities. Take notes! Perhaps you will find a community within this love based spirituality that will become your home. Do not be dismayed if the first presentations you encounter do not provide a substantive approach to important issues, or if particular ministers are touting views that seems to be anachronistic. Some New Thought ministers do not watch the news because they are afraid it will taint their consciousness with current events. They will somtimes say they "prefer to focus on eternity." This can be very atrractive for some folks and might be your cup of tea. Other New Thought ministers are very hip and understand what is going on in the world. These ministers will address the challenges people are dealing with in every day life. Perhaps that is more to your liking.

Go to all the New Thought communities in your area, so that you can make the best choice and keep in mind that there are sometimes more services than one and thus there might be different ministers who talk at different times during the week or even on the same day. If you encounter a minister who is teaching stale Prosperity Gospels or a Stoic approach to life espousing that whatever problems you encounter are your fault, go to a different service on a different time or day. New Thought teaches personal responsibility as the vehicle for change in one's life but if you have been through a personal tragedy such as rape or abuse, you are aware that not all your experiences are the result of your conciousness.

If you encounter an old New Thought minister teaching abusive nonsense, simply get up and leave.

Mnisters teaching from the playbook of old New Thought are simply ensconced within old New Thought from the 20th Century.

Such ministers are trapped within anachronism and do not represent all of New Thought. Often such people hold views simlilar to fundamentalists in other paths. If you encounter a minister who is not progressive, thoughtful, caring and kind, simply leave and find a different minister.

Simply search on and you will find a New Thought minister who understands life and teaches a truth that is timeless and supports positive change in your life and your communitiy.

When one visits one of the directories in the Universal New Thought Directory system you can sponsor a listing pertaining to a particular New Thought Community. Do it! Be a sponsor because many New Thought Communities need your help to demonstrate prosperity.

This is not a pricey proposition. Sponsor a New Thought Center with a Charity designation & move it to Prosperity status for 1$ per day or more.

Every center with a "charity" designation needs your support.

Consider the fact that the FindACenter directory system has been in existence in one form or another since the 1990's.

Now it is important to understand that some folks simply use the library and other resources and never contribute because they simply don't have the means. This library exists to support everyone. It is growing and thriving because it is supported by those of us who are willing to give a bit of what we have so that it supports those who have nothing to give. This includes those New Thought Communities which are in Charity status because they simply don't have the "where with all" to sponsor their own listings. Be loving, be kind, be the solution to their challenge.

This resource has been in existence so long and is so thoroughly indexed by Google, Bing and other engines it would be quite strange to think that any minister under the age of 60 would be unaware of its existence, however we must be charitable and caring

Being charitable and caring extends to understanding that some people are not web saavy and others are simply angry or clinging to old New Thought patterns.

If you go to FindACenter.com and find that your center has a charity designation, we suggest you give the community more support. They need your help. Those with this designation have often been in charity status from the beginning of the New Millennium!

There are many wonderful New Thought Spiritual Leaders. Some of them are just old or ignorant. Also there is a mentality within various New Thought "transdenominations" which does not support New Thought Leadership to be aware of New Thought resources outside of their respective organizations. Some folks are even angry that the New Thought of the New Millennium is neither passive nor stoic.

Even some popular New Thought writers that have centers, have been subsisting on charity since the dawn of the New Millennium !

Want to know the truth? Go to FindACenter.com

If the listing pertaining to a community is a Charity listing, is this because they are ignorant? Is this because of a lack of faith in their own teachings? Is this because as one New Thought Minister said: "How can I support a directory that lists my competitors on the same page as my own community?"

What do you think? Are all the New Thought Communities in your area in competition? Is it time to have shared gatherings, such as picnics and potlucks which include all your local New Thought communities?

Sponsorship of a listing in the FindACenter.com directory system, also supports the listing in the www.InterfaithWedding.info directory

Sponsorship of a listing in the FindACenter.com directory system includes the www.SpiritualTreatmentCenter.org listing ensuring that people looking for Spiritual Treatment can easily contact your Spiritual Leadership for support.

Ancient Wisdom teaches that we should water the fields in which we grow our crops. It is common sense.

Support the resources which get new people to your favorite New Thought Community.

If your New Thought leaders were born prior to 1990, simply sponsor the listing pertaining to that community yourself.

Some people actually navigate the internet through Google. Be kind. They are simply a different generation. Be loving and helpful. They have a great deal of wisdom to offer.

With a little kindness and encouragement elders can learn to use Skype and PayPal, but the best support you can give them is to simply be the solution.

Go to FindACenter.com and adopt a listing pertaining to a New Thought Spiritual Center today!

Universal New Thought Class available

Whenever you see this graphic, it means there is a class offered in this subject or that uses this book.

Our advisors include the creator of the largest U.S. Theater Collection archived outside of the United States.

We believe strongly that archives of physical texts must be created in several geographically distinct areas with special regard to climate control in order to insure their long term survival in the event of climactic, geographic, social or political upheaval. Recent events in the U.S. demonstrate increasing social tension and a rising possibility of political crisis. Without a living wage, regular Americans are not able to maintain a standard of living. As Barbara Ehrenreich's research for her book Nickel and Dimed clearly demonstrates, an increasing number of Americans live in "pods" in order to make ends meet. Many U.S. elites seem to have lost any sense of noblesse oblige. Police are being increasingly armed with military weaponry and this has led to a rising tide of violence against regular citizens, in particular citizens of African American heritage. Law Enforcement violence against citizens has been most notable in its targeting of African American men across the nation, yet police have not withheld violence from whites, as can be verified by incidents in Albuquerque and other cities throughout the United States. Sadly, those tasked with enforcement of the law appear to enjoy immunity from the very laws they are supposed to enforce.

The keeping of statistics on killings of citizens by the police and police brutality have been largely avoided, yet with increasing "internet literacy" among those born after 1990, the information gap is closing.

Since 1982, there is an increasing economic chasm between the wealthy ownership class and regular working men and women. The ability for average Americans to get an education has been greatly limited with the rise in tuition costs to absurd levels even at Land Grant Universities established by the Morrill Act of 1862. "A land grant university is a people’s university. While early universities were developed in Medieval Europe to educate a courtly society in the arts, land grant universities were created in 19th century America to help a populist society build and feed a new nation. To do this, Americans needed a liberal and practical education for everyone, not just the wealthy or the socially elite. 'The fundamental idea was to offer an opportunity in every State for a liberal and larger education to larger numbers, not merely to those destined to sedentary professions, but to those much needing higher instruction for the world’s business, for the industrial pursuits and professions of life.'" --James R. Fischer, PhD

Do not be surprised if you occasionally encounter New Thought leaders who are opposed to positive social progress. It is rare to encounter New Thought ministers who oppose positive change but they do exist. They are living in a bubble and if you question their reality do not be surprised if they get angry and lash out. It is rare, but New Thought is a universal religion and thus has the same amount of diversity that we encounter in other religions.

All of these factors support the argument that the most dramatic political crises and consequent breakdowns come when least expected, but in hindsight where one could have seen the signs on the side of the road leading to the crisis. Today, people are increasingly aware that many leaders are looking for, or creating crisis in order to exploit problems for personal gain. There are some people who go so far as to say that major catastrophes such as 911 were not prevented so that extreme right wing leaders could impose restrictions on burgeoning freedoms. Although some adherents to the Mental Science school of New Thought are strong proponents of this point of view, we cannot endorse such views. Conspiracy theories are generally counterproductive to the transformation of consciousness.

Everyone with a modicum of good sense understands that such beliefs are not conducive to compassionate awareness. While it is odd that the third tower fell without being hit by an airplane, there are many rational reasons for its structural failure. The most important thing today is to think clearly. You can train you mind, but you cannot train your heart. THINK before you act and ask leaders to think to. It may be challenging at times because so often it seems leaders are not listening, nor thinking. But your input can help them to make better decisions rooted in compassionate wisdom teachings.

Let us hope that the Repucrats (Republicans and Democrats) awaken to higher values and meet the deeper needs of average Jane and average Joe. This is important in every part of the world because it is hard to fight extremeism when even in the wealthiest of countries such as the United States there are such extreme differences in society with some folks having 5 or more homes and paying token taxes while others can barely afford a tiny one room dwelling.

One can observe a steady balkanization in the United States which has led to a bickering abandonment of what is good for the children. Some people appear to begrudge their neighbor's good preferring lower wages for others rather than fighting for higher wages for all. There seems to be a loss of perspective and a perspective of loss that is replacing the higher vision of a nation with opportunity for all. Instead of solving problems with solutions that are technologically available, there is a tendency to look for a scapegoat. The desire to stop "Waste, Fraud and Abuse" has been replaced with a desire to cover up the truth and prosecute those who report the problems. Any informed citizen can see a rising tide of prosecution of whistle-blowers. Thus citizens witnessing corruption are discouraged to report it, which means problems within the government and society are less likely to be examined and healed.

These are symptoms of a deep wound that is festering. A country cannot grow wealthy by failing to continue the upgrade of infrastructure and development of new resources. The most important resource is the populace. Thomas Picketty has developed new insights that cannot be denied. They reinforce ancient wisdom much discussed by the founding fathers of the United States.

These reasons stated by Thomas Jefferson are the very reasons why the extremist group "Boko Haram" has the name it does which basically means "Knowledge is forbidden".

Jefferson understood that information is not wisdom. Wisdom comes from the ability to use information to discern compassionate solutions. Rote memorization of texts, including New Thought texts does not generate wisdom. The difference between training to accomplish a specific task and education is that a proper education enables a person to come up with solutions to enable the accomplishment of many tasks.

Jefferson owned a Koran and read extensively in all subjects, including ALL religions he could research. Those people of Great Soul (Mahasattvas) do not limit themselves. They are not content to be ignorant. Those of great wisdom are life long learners. They are not content to dwell within constraints of any kind with regard to the acquisition of wisdom. Ghandi was called a Mahasattva, so was Martin Luther King. Great Spiritual Leadership is demonstrated through action. Those who sit on the sidelines of history may add a footnote, but are not within the text itself. Jefferson did not view any religion as better than any other. He held a strict view of how the freedom of humanity is a fragile thing that necessitates a solid and impermeable separation of church and state.

The main purpose of the New Thought Library is not the physical collection of books or materials. We are building a multimedia archive of content which insures the preservation and transmission of the ideas or memes which support the liberation of the mind, body and soul. We continue to support the creation and maintenance of physical collections especially when these collections are archived in the NewThoughtLibrary.com system and are a public resource.

We are constantly improving access to New Thought books and teachings world wide. We do our work on a tithing and donation basis believing that together we are building a more compassionate world right now!

Please give now to support this work.



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"'The truth, once announced, has the power not only to renew but to extend itself. New Thought is universal in its ideals and therefore should be universal in its appeal. Under the guidance of the spirit, it should grow in good works until it embraces many lands and eventually the whole world.' ~ James A. Edgerton, New Thought Day, August 23rd, 1915."

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